AK Shamsuddin Khan

AK Shamsuddin Khan is a Patriotic Freedom Fighter, a distinguished celebrated entrepreneur of Asia and best known as the co-founder of the ‘GFK Lab (shomman.org) along with Rubaiul Murshed. Khan has always shown passion to change lives for the better; and describes himself as an activist & researcher of ‘Gratitude, Forgiveness & Kindness’. He is also a motivator in ‘Culture of Giving’. He embarked on a personal project helping underprivileged people with illnesses; eventually he also involved himself in ‘moral education’ mission teaching ‘be kind to all’, especially those who had lived through trauma and injustice, and sought forgiveness rather than revenge. As a result, Khan involved him directly in research and education related to moral values like Gratitude, Giving, Forgiveness that make a person ‘dedicated to humanity’. He also sincerely believes in Shomman’s slogan of ‘SURVIVAL OF THE KINDEST’. He is well known for his work among the poor and dying, especially in the Chittagong region. He thinks his lifelong love of books inspired him to help create a mutual space of ‘knowledge based academia’ where young generations may gather to read moral values and want to dedicate his rest of life in spreading Kindness.

‘GFK Lab (shomman.org)’ has started a structured curriculum in a couple of schools in Dhaka , Chittagong & Sherpur (School for Tribal People) (virtually due to pandemic) to teach & practice ‘moral values to children’. This Lab is associated with national & international like-minded institutes.