Exploring an innovative treatment in our region

Dr Rubaiul Murshed

No matter what we hear or experience about alternative treatment – we tend to rush to many places once allopathic or established treatment has not worked for us effectively. Alternative treatments within our region are popular along with the ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment and unfortunately we are being disillusioned and cheated by inexperienced and greedy businesses who claim to provide alternative treatment.

One relatively well-known treatment which promises to enhance our wellbeing is chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatment is a branch of holistic healthcare that is used by people all over the world and this deals specifically with correcting any misalignment of the spine caused by repetitive stress, trauma, chemical stress, or emotional stress that can result in pain and discomfort, further leading to ‘disconnection’ of the communication from the brain at the points where the spine may be misaligned.

Chiropractic and allopathic medicine are contrary in philosophies as allopathic medicine is an approach to administer medicine from a ‘without to within’ view (management of a symptom by treating it from outside) to help treat a disease. Many researchers believe that medicine is not natural and due to its pharmaceutical nature, it is adverse to the human body’s normal biochemical responses to healing. Chiropractic treatment on the other hand, is an approach to administer treatment from ‘within to without’, focusing treatment on the cause of the symptoms and healing is initiated from within the body by re-initiating the body’s inherent capability to heal itself. Chiropractic treatment includes helping musculoskeletal mechanical disorders that arise in areas of the spine which houses the central nervous system. The central nervous system is the communication link between the brain and all the organs of the body.

Any misalignment of the spine may result in organ disorders and symptoms of sicknesses. Good chiropractors are highly trained to detect adverse changes of the spine and give the appropriate treatment protocol that is specific to each individual. Therefore, one must be cautious of inexperienced or not certified chiropractors.

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