Fancy that!

Jazzing up your beloved animal with garland, ‘mala’, is nothing new, but the enthusiasm with which this is done nowadays by a growing number of people, definitely is!

Previously, choices were limited. And that’s all good and this trade is still apparent in cattle markets. But if you want to run the extra mile — add more pomp and razzmatazz surrounding your animal — now you have that option too.

Your destination?

Facebook! There is now a number of F-commerce ventures which deliver ornaments for your cow.  

One of them which has been in this niche for quite some time now is ‘Bulls n Masks.’

“Designs and options were scanty. People were not very familiar with the concept,” Md Saleh Ahmed, CEO, Bulls n Masks, looks back at the time when he started his endeavour in 2016. “I did my research – and even a lot of explaining-and-convincing with the tailors!”

The sets or malas are elaborate and intricate, featuring various designs, metals, mirrors and a wide plethora of other materials. Ahmed strives to offer new designs every year. He adds that ‘Bulls n Masks’ is cautious about not offering anything that will provide discomfort to the animals.

A general price range for ‘Bulls n Masks’ products would be Tk 1200 to Tk 1800.

“Many young people are enthusiastic about cattle and simply love to make them even more beautiful,” he said about the demand.

Other than direct customers, Bulls n Masks also sells to large farms. “They purchase from us and accessorise the cow as a gift to their customers,” he informs.

A longstanding subsector of the Eid-ul-Azha trade comprises of mala. And Facebook ventures like Bulls n Masks have taken it to a whole new level. Fancy that!

Source: The Daily Star

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