Since the emergence of Bangladesh, the government has given utmost priority to ensure health rights and dignity of the population. Constitutional provisions have been made to protect, respect and to promote individual as a healthy male/female both physically and mentally in the society. Moreover, Bangladesh is a signatory to most of the international Health-Care treaties, declarations and ratified covenants to ensure the ‘right to development’ as a means of promotion of health-care and human rights. Today, better protection for the health rights of domestic workers is needed badly.Domestic workers employed in Bangladesh and South Asian homes are mainly women from disadvantaged backgrounds. All helping hands have the right to a private and family life. So an employer who discriminates against a female worker – certainly violating her basic rights.

Domestic workers are not aware of their legal health rights and are vulnerable to unhealthy life-style practices, unfortunately in their working places.

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  1. Rashidul says:

    Rejek is allocated by Almighty, but the final effect of Rejek is implemented by House hold workers.So they’re the representative of Almighty(as He decided it).So they should be honoured like that

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