Human Rights

Human Rights

The issue of ‘Helping Hands’ and human Rights in the workplace is very important. Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world. They are based on important principles like dignity, fairness, respect and equality. Your human rights are protected by the law. If your employer is a public authority, they must follow these principles.

Shomman is working to protect the basic rights of helping hands in their everyday life regardless of who they are, from where they came and how they choose to live. The human rights have recognized not only the civil and political rights but also the social, economic and cultural rights by giving importance to the latter through articulating and prioritizing rights to mainly health and education and service security.

Today, as ‘helping hands’ are being recognized (officially by the Government) – If they work in the private sector, it’s unlawful for the employer to violate your human rights.Many of the principles of human rights are designed to protect domestic helping hands as a worker within the workplace. яндекс

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