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Kindness Award

I am honored and humbled to be listed as one of the ASIA PACIFIC # LEADERSHIP / LEADING LIGHTS; THANK YOU – My Well-wishers, Associates and Family for supporting my challenging dreams, campaigns and actions of fighting for ‘THOSE WHO HAVE LESS’.


50 Leading Lights

This campaign will showcase 50 leaders building a new status quo, impacting others through kindness. We will share their stories and leadership styles, and the effect they have on their organisation and industries.

We want their stories to inspire others, and to help to recast the perceptions of ‘strong’ leadership. We want kindness to be seen as a strength in leadership, as a quality and a currency that empowers change.

Dr Rubaiul Murshed
Founding Chairperson, Shomman Foundation

Rubaiul is a kindness activist who has authored a number of books published in India and Bangladesh. He completed his post-graduation in pediatric surgery in London and founded Shomman, an NGO that seeks to improve the working conditions of domestic and other helping hands (numbering millions) in South Asia and the Middle East. He believes that kindness and humility are two pillars of a moral revolution that can have a transformative impact on today’s chaotic world.

"Rubaiul has held senior consulting positions in different private hospitals in Bangladesh and in all of them he instituted hospital practices that exhibited kindness and dignity for patients. He made special efforts to change the behaviour patterns of doctors, nurses and other hospital staff to handle patients with kindness, understanding and empathy. Because of his actions, the reputation of hospitals changed and resulted in more patients."

Please share an example of when kindness made a significant and lasting impact on you or your business.

There was a young man with a disturbing past (thanks to the influence of friends), who came to me in search of work. Whilst working for me, his past friends became irritated and accused him of false.