Let’s Talk ‘RLC’ & ‘Health Begins at Home’

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Dr Rubaiul Murshed

If you visit local hospitals or doctors’ clinics, you will see that there is a record rise of some illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases and kidney problems in families especially living in urban and semi-urban areas. And more alarmingly, along with physical illnesses — different types of mental illnesses are also on the rise. It is true that our life is much easier today with a lot of gadgets, yet each and every day a lot of unexplainable sicknesses are also approaching slowly behind our familiarity. It has been seen that most of us in the first category consume small amount of vegetables and fruits and maintain a sedentary lifestyle. A huge group has also developed a ‘fast-food culture’ – which is more harmful than we assume. Even at home, we are ignorant about consuming the right amount of oil, sugar, salt, red meat and carbohydrate. We also cannot sidestep the concern of ‘eating alone’ and ‘ill-timed sleeping’!

Regarding the other issues of illnesses, researchers found more people than ever before suffer from anxiety, depression and distress. It starts from the family by choosing an outgoing life and becoming less and less of a family person. Some people feel proud to be not at home with the excuse of saying heavy load of work. They do not feel the shame of ignoring their close ones at home. In both the cases, home can play a big role. As it starts from the family by choosing healthy eating habits, adopting physical activities and quitting harmful habits which include spending less time on your smart phone.

Let us talk about another powerful treatment available at home, clinics and hospitals. That is treating sufferers with Respect, Love and Care (RLC). As psychological sicknesses are increasing, home can play a special role. ‘RLC’ is the silent revolution that has swept across all homes and treatment places; offering patients with a never ending wave of empathy, care, and support during the patient’s journey to recovery from all illnesses including cancer; patients receive utmost care to ensure they receive maximum comfort both physically and mentally.

Then again, unfortunately our sweet homes alone would not be able to improve health outcomes. They need to be designed with health in mind. Besides designing features we need great solutions to pressing global health concerns. In that context, clean water, adequate air and sunlight are essential.

Nevertheless, taking on the role of caring for someone with an illness is a big commitment. Although sometimes it can be demanding, but remember, it can also be a rewarding experience. As long as you read this article you may have a sick or injured person close to you. It is a great idea to go and sit next to her/him — say a few good words with care. You will definitely make your beloved person happy and put a huge smile on their face. And also do not forget to look after yourself.

Happy New Year!

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