modern Fable

It was a narrow road in a hilly area. One morning a local official was going towards his
office located in the town. Suddenly he stopped, seeing a large stone in his way. He became very unhappy and started shouting, ‘which stupid has done this?   Is   there   noone

here who can remove this? He went away saying this again and again. After one hour, the same thing happened with a shop-owner, who was also going to the town accompanied by his young assistant to open his business. He too started shouting, criticizing and cursing the person who did this. He too went away bypassing the ‘stone’. Just few minutes after that, a college teacher came across the stone. He become worried that it would create problem for so many people; especially small vehicles and animals as well. He pushed hard and hard all by himself and ultimately pushed the stone aside. After coming back to the same place, he found a piece of paper where the stone was kept. He picked up the paper and found ‘that the paper with a message’ is from local king’s official pad and signed by the king himself.

The following line was written,

‘You are the most precious asset of this society, I would be happy if you come and meet me when you are free.’

Wiseland: The tongue of an enlightened kind person is behind his heart and the heart of an ignorant is behind his tongue.

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