Beauty of Truth

Having good friends can have an intense effect on physical and  mental  health.  In  fact  good  relatives  are  also  good friends. A good friend not only listens and guides you, but also supports your decisions. They also help to face adverse events. Good friends also provide material aid, emotional support, and information to deal with the stress factors. Lots of  researches  have  shown  the  health  benefits  of  social support. Gather a group of friends and find a walking way that everyone knows may be named as ‘Friends Walkathon’, which can be the best way to keep your body in shape. Perhaps the biggest benefit of ‘friends circle’ is in helping to realize that he or she is not alone – there are other people who have the same problem. This is often a revelation and an enormous relief to the individual.

Wiseland: Good Friends are Like good Medicine. Bad Friends are worst Than Bad Medicine.

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