Mr. Willem de Wolf

Mr. Willem de Wolf, popularly known as Brother Giom, has been based in Bangladesh since 1976. For the past 40 years, he has been working with the deprived, especially street children and tribal young people. Brother Guillaume (Willem de Wolf,) was born on 15 April 1946 in the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam. He studied at the Free University of Amsterdam, from 1964 till the end of 1970.  He was recently accorded the ‘Dutch Royal Honor’ for his more than four decades of tireless service for the underprivileged people in Bangladesh (especially in Mymensing). At present he is active in Thanarbaid, a small village in the Modhupur National Forest where ‘Daktar bhai’ (Dr.Baker) used to work. He is also an active supporter of Shomman’s viewpoints; specially it’s dedication for the social rights, education and health care of domestic helping hands and indigenous people at the greater Mymensing (Sherpur and Jamalpur). He believes in shomman’s mission statement – ‘Kindness Begins at Home’.