National Donor’s Day

When the date ‘14th February’ comes, everyone talks about Valentines Day, but this is also a very special day for many unfortunate people, who wait for an organ anxiously throughout the year. Because, this day is also celebrated as ‘Donor’s Day’ in some places. This day is focused mainly on five points of life: organs, tissues, marrow, platelets, and blood. Currently, thousands and thousands people are waiting for an organ. Here are a few true stories:

As the health of Nicole Miller, a first-grader with a genetic disorder that caused kidney malformation, began to decline, her doctors scrambled to find a matching donor. When it was determined that her parents were not suitable, Nicole’s teacher from the previous year chose to donate to save her student, who she refers to as “Sunshine Girl”, to save her life.

When Renee Ly was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis, a rare liver disease, her future looked bleak. Her young neighbor, Erica Tomlinson secretly took all of the necessary clearance tests and, when she found she was a suitable match, surprised Ly with both a new kidney and newfound chance at life.

Chester Szuber underwent three separate bypass surgeries, with the last one leading to a massive heart attack on the operating table. Sadly, his daughter was critically injured in a car accident. When it was determined to be fatal, the doctors wanted to transplant her heart to her father. After waiting on the transplant list for four years, Chester Szuber was offered a second chance at life by his beloved daughter.

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