1. Awareness: We raise awareness to revise the mindset of the privileged class to honor the deprived people especially the Domestic Helping Hands & Indigenous & Physically/Mentally Challenged People. We strongly advocate that kindness along with other moralities begin at home.

2. Research: We focus on Socio-Psychology of Kindness & Forgiveness and evaluate the importance of Kind People in our society. We also focus on enlightening today’s youth regarding the importance of being Kind and, thus, instill moral values in a world that praises success, power, leadership and even peace but never rewards a Kind act.

3. Indigenous women & Children: We work on the health care, education and social rights of Domestic Helping Hands, Indigenous and Physically-Challenged people. They are mainly Women and Children.

4. Upskill and Support: We provide advanced First Aid training to domestic helping hands, indigenous people and students to upturn their values and honor in their respective fields. We also offer support and coping mechanisms for individuals suffering from mental trauma and, thereby, promote a healthy mindset.

5. Environment: By growing plantations in polluted areas and around refugee camps and houses, we are committed to fighting against existing environmental disasters.


Shomman Fellowship

shomman fellowship

World Kindness Day 2021

World Kindness Movement

Serving food to orphans this evening.

Serving food to orphans this evening.