Today, South Asian countries have many national and international problems. Some of them have been identified and some have not. And some are not even recognized as a problem. Interestingly we are bypassing a ‘burning’ issue or may be trying to ignore that as a secondary concern. As we say ‘Courtesy begins at home’; then again, ‘Beating also begins at home’; attitude, democracy and so on. In fine, ‘Everything begins at home’. Thousands and thousands of domestic helping hands are being treated mercilessly. Most of people in this region are not aware of how these problems affect the whole scenario of the society – as well as the whole nation. ‘Shomman’ is focusing on these problems to recognize these issues as pressing problems. In fact, these are not only creating few problems but ultimately these are spreading endless troubles.

Wiseland: Your children learn by watching you. Your grand-children learn from watching your children. And generations goes on. But it all begins at home.

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