Sufferings abound as relief too little

The Daily Star 19 July

Haradhan Dey along with his elderly mother, wife and two children has been surviving on biscuits and dry foods for the past five days.

“No one has come to help us…we have not yet received any relief,” said the local of Dulal Member Bari area in Chattogram’s Raozan.

Haradhan’s family is one of 30 families marooned for five days in the waterlogged area. Many of them have not got any aid so far. Their predicament is similar to those of many others affected by the floods ravaging through the country.

Stranded in waterlogged areas, many victims remain unemployed, with little access to food and drinking water, a situation compounded by insufficient relief.   

According to data from the ministry, there has been an allocation of Tk 3.37 crores, 22,350 of tonnes rice, 91,000 packets dry food, 7,500 sets of tents and 1,000 bundles of tin for flood-hit people across the country.

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