Shomman Foundation, a registered NGO (No.3217) of Bangladesh, focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals 3, 4, 5, and 13, which are Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Climate Action. Along with that, Shomman is actively involved in promoting the rights of helping hands working in and around our houses, indigenous and people with special needs. It takes action and provides testimony to meet their basic needs and promote respect for their dignity and basic rights. Shomman also believes in Research and Development, and Shomman Foundation contributed different research activities like Covid-19, Psychological illnesses, Tobacco Control, and Social Justice across Bangladesh. Shomman has established a ‘Kind Lab – a knowledge-based academia to engender a Moral Revolution. We introduced a slogan, “SURVIVAL OF THE KINDEST ”. This is a journey towards building personal and social learning for ‘EDUCATION 2030’.

Story of Shomman

It all started with promoting the rights cum healthcare and wellbeing of domestic helping hands working in and around our houses since 2012. Eventually, It expanded its activities towards indigenous people, displaced people due to yearly floods cum erosion of river embankment and land, and people with special needs. According to our research and survey, at least 15 million people countrywide are domestic helping hands, at this moment, representing approximately 10 % of our population. These individuals are aged mainly 13 and above, more than 95% of whom are women. Most people in this region are not aware of how these problems affect the whole scenario of society – as well the whole nation. We are focusing on a few of these problems because the people of Bangladesh need to know these issues. In fact, these are not creating a few problems, but ultimately these are spreading endless troubles.

One thought on “Welcome”

  1. Shah Jahan says:

    In good olden days the helping hands used to be treated as part of family. I do remember ..we used call them vai (brother) / Chacha (uncle) or Chachi etc. But with new social system these are changed. Children are taught to call them by name. This has lead to the idea that they are untouchables. I think activity of SHOMMAN should also include the schools where the children gets their first formal education.

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