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Shomman, a registered NGO (No.3217), has been actively involved in promoting the rights of helping hands working in and around our houses, indigenous and people with special need. It takes action and provides testimony in order to meet their basic needs, and promote respect for their dignity and basic rights. According to our research and survey, at least 15 million people countrywide are helping hands, at this moment, representing approximately 10 % of our population. These individuals are aged mainly 13 and above, more than 95% of whom are women. A huge number of child domestic workers were found to work in the Dhaka City Corporation area, according to an ILO-UNICEF Baseline Survey.

Shomman has been also working on the health status and basic education of these vulnerable groups. It has been seen that a plethora of diseases (like Covid-19,TB, Water borne diseases, Psychological illnesses etc) are spreading inside our apartments without anybody knowing. And these occurrences have been happening in a repetitive manner. Shomman has been trying to address this health malaise.

Social Rights

Most people have heard the phrase ‘everything begins at home’. Human rights are the basic rights..


The issue of ‘Helping Hands’ and as well as human Rights in the workplace is very important.


Since the emergence of Bangladesh, the government has given utmost priority to education.
We are the countless helping hands

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We are supporting a large number of Households, Children’s all over the Country.
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Kindness Activities of Shomman Foundation along with UNESCO MGIEP

It is a great privilege and honour for the Shomman Foundation to observe ‘World Kindness day’ on 13 November 2021 , along with UNESCO MGIEP. As an active member of the World Kindness Movement, we the ‘family of shomman’ has dedicated our time and energy enthusiastically along with UNESCO MGIEP’s nobel initiative towards  a eight weeks kindness related activities including Awareness Building on Kindness, Distributing Mask, Food and Blanket among the low socio-economic people of Dhaka City,  Research work on Kindness and Helping Hand, Support Indigenous Women and Children through distributing Winter Clothes and Food, providing First Aid Training, and Tree Plantation in the Flood affected areas.

UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (UNESCO MGIEP) focuses on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4.7 towards education for building peaceful and sustainable societies worldwide by developing programmes that promote social and emotional learning and innovate digital pedagogies and empower the youth.


Valerie is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (FCSP) and
Dr. Rubaiul Murshed is a columnist, paediatric surgeon, professor of hospital management,
AK Shamsuddin Khan is a Patriotic Freedom Fighter, a distinguished celebrated entrepreneur
Mr. Willem de Wolf, popularly known as Brother Giom, has been based
Ms. Rokia Afzal Rahman
Ms. Rokia Afzal Rahman is a leading woman entrepreneur and a former
Dr. Mushtaque Raza Chowdhury was the vice-chairperson of BRAC. He was also
A public health enthusiastic worked in different sector of public health include
Professor Dr. Md. Jonaid Shafiq is one of the pioneers of modern-
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We are the countless helping hands

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